La bufala del dottor Koka

coca%20cola.jpgMy name is Mrs. Sherry Armstrong. I am a dying woman who had decided to donate what I have to a reliable individual who will act as i will instruct here. I am 63 years old and was diagnosed for cancer about 2 years ago. I have been touched by God to donate from what I have inherited from my late husband Mr. Armstrong Limbery to you for the good work of God, rather than allow my husbands relatives to use my husband’s hard earned funds ungodly.I will be undergoing an operation here in Malaysia, and i pray that I survive the operation.

I have decided to WILL the sum of £10,000,000 (Ten Million Great Brithish Pounds) deposited in a secured bank in UK, to you for the good work of the lord, the orphanage, the needy and to help the motherless. Presently, I have informed my Doctor, Dr.Williams Koka. about my decision in WILLING this funds to a reliable indiviual.

You are to Contact my Doctor through his email address ( or with his personal phone number: +60146669215, if you are interested in carrying out this task, so that the Doctroe can arrange and instruct you on how the funds will be release to you. I know I have never meet you, but in other to fulfil this which borders me most and I got your email address through my personal search on the internet, my mind tells me to inform you about this, and I hope you act sincerely, please contact my Doctor immediately. Be informed that I can not read emails or receive phone calls for now. You can get any information you need from my Doctor. He shall always give me feedback and give you my words in return.

God bless you.

Mrs.Sherry Armstrong


Da questo pietoso messaggio di SPAM si deduce quanto segue:

1) Ci sono ancora dei fresconi che ci cascano, altrimenti mail del genere non girerebbero più per l’etere

2) C’è chi se ne sbatte altamente i coglioni di suscitare la pietà altrui inventandosi malattie che non ha in barba a chi le ha (o le ha avute) veramente, senza neanche immaginare cosa voglia dire essere ammalati

3) Chi scrive queste e-mail parla inglese peggio di Berlusconi

4) C’è anche una fantasia particolare nel scegliere i nomi. Il dottor Koka????


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  1. Purtroppo Internet e` ancora una jungla senza regole dove ognuno puo` sostanzialmente fare quello che vuole. E` uno schifo che qualcuno sia cosi` sprezzante nei confronti di chi i problemi veri ce li ha realmente. Pero` a ben vedere c’e’ chi spara sulla folla inerme e chi spacca crani di cuccioli fi foca a randellate. Insomma, ce n’e’ per tutti…

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